My Background

Nanotechnology Ph. D. candidate

Mechatronics engineer possessing years of experience in technology-driven project creation, oversight, and evaluation. I am skilled with microfluidics technologies, PCBs, software development, and CAD. Currently developing a non-invasive flow sensor for droplet-based microfluidics systems lab-on-a-chip devices with the goal of applying it to medical applications.



Droplet-based microfluidics design and fabrication.

Optical flow sensor prototype

Affordable optical flow sensor for microfluidic applications.

Flow-focussing calculator app

Flow-focusing droplet generator app to calculate system features.


Code & Templates

Flow-focusing calculator app

Flow calculator for Flow-focusing microfluidic systems, with a GUI made with Python.

ITESM thesis LaTex template

This a template for ITESM thesis projects in English. This template was inspired by the phdDissertationFormat.sty file created by Luis Marcelo Fernandez Carrasco. Updated by Daniel Solano (daster).


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